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- 27/04/2011 -
HEMr. BAL Mohamed El Habib presents his letters of credence to the Prince of Kingdom of Thailand Maha Vajiralongkorn
- 28/12/2010 -
2nd session the Joint Commission of Cooperation between China and Mauritania
- 20/12/2010 -
Ambassador meets HEMr. Ahmed RAMADAN, Ambassador of Palestine to China (20/12/10)
Mauritania in photos
  Following the first showers in June, good rains fell from July through September over most of southern and central Mauritania. As a result, soil moisture has been generally adequate to meet crops’ water requirement since the beginning of the growing season, allowing satisfactory crop development in main producing zones. Harvesting of millet and sorghum has started. Pastures have regenerated countrywide, improving livestock conditions.
Last year, cereal output declined by about 24 percent compared to 2008, following irregular rains ....
  Art / Culture
  One could easily lose something precious in Mauritania’s million square kilometers of dune fields and rocky steppes, stretching north from the Senegal River and east from the Atlantic into the Sahara’s most desolate corners. Nomadic encampments are few, villages are far between, and the wind blows inexorably from the west, scattering all that comes before it.
Ahmad Ould Mohamed Yahya, director of manuscripts at the Institut Mauritanien de Recherche Scientifique (IMRS) in Nouakchott, believes it is not a fluke that something precious should recently have been found in the small town ...
  There were 2 divided systems of education in Mauritania before 1999 reform.
•The Arabic : Arabic was the core language of studies.
•The Bilingual : mainly taught in French.
In each section only a trivial hour were spent in the other language and the rest of the courses were taught in full Arabic or in full French. This organization of instruction lasted for twenty years from 1979 to 1989. The greater part of Moors, in particular in the countryside, used to follow the Arabic Branch while the Puulars, Soninkés, and Woloffs ....
  Potential of fishing sector :
The ichthyofauna of Mauritania's ZEE is quite diversified. On a few thousand, more than 300 species are counted, nearly 170 species are marketable and more than twenty of stocks that constitute the target of evolving fisheries. These resources can be classified into two major groups, demersal resources and pelagic resources. Demersal resources, mainly composed of cephalopod (cuttlefish, squid and octopus in particular), demersal fish (sea bream, hake, grouper, sole, rays and sharks, mullet, sciaenid, serenades, merlucidés,), of Sardine ....
  Mining + Oil & Gas
  The Sector development strategy.
The assigned objectives to the sector are as follows.
•Improving the geological infrastructure
•Availability of varied and reliable data bases (mapping, environmental and geological researches & studies etc.
•Integration of the sector to the economy
•Strengthening institutional capacity
•Mining Safety and Preservation of the Environment pollution.
A Mining Heaven
•Gold geothermal (green rocks, shear zones)- BIF, hosting deposits of iron and gold - magmatic ...
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