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Liberal Policy
Mauritania has adopted the open-economy policy through the development of the private sector in the different sectors (mining, hydrocarbons, agriculture/livestock, tourism, fisheries). The private sector is considered the motor for the economy growth and poverty reduction.
·Political stability and Good Governance
·Special economic zone
·Accessibility to the European and South African, Maghreb Arab and American Markets.
·Member in the international investment assurance organization (MIGA).
·Bilateral conventions in the domain of modernization and protection of the investments
·A ministerial committee charged of modernizing and setting the necessary legal structure and administrative framework to encourage the partnership.
Investment Climate:
The constitution and the commerce and investment codes are guaranteed as follows:
·Freedom of entrepreneurship
·Freedom of financing capitals and benefits
·The easy acquisition of raw materials
·Protection of the intellectual property
·The equal interaction with the national and foreign investor
·The arbitration system in the investment disputes
·Incentives and specific tax provided by the investment code
·The possibility of finding private economic zones.
Operating the legal system:
·The judicial transparency and investment protection
·Commercial courts establishments
·Judges trainings
·Arbitration and mediation (code of arbitration)
Modern Financial System:
·Liberation of the banking activities/extension of the offer of financial intermediation particularly with the arrival of several foreign banks: BNP Paribas, Soci¨¦t¨¦ G¨¦n¨¦rale, WafaBank, ect...
·Adoption of a more liberal banking law and microfinance law
·Reform of the market changes
·Currency stability.
Business Climate:
Legal framework
·The investments codes in process to be adopted( incentive taxes)
·Tax and customs code revision
·Revision of the sectors, urban, oil and gas, mines codes
·A new facilitated tax system
·A gradual exemption from the exporting and the service tax
·A gradual exemption from the benefits tax and the IRCM tax.
·Important and diversified cattle
·1.6 million of camels
·1.6 million of cows
·16.6 million of goats and sheep.
Promising opportunities: Huge export potential
·Red meat: modern slaughterhouses
·Milk: establishment of milk manufacturing and dairy products
·Leather: Establishing leather manufacturing and processing units.
Fisheries Sector:
One of the few areas of potential extensive growth, in a context of worldwide resources shortage Enormous capacity for export:
Potential Fisheries 1.5 million t/yr
·100,000 t/yr of demersal Resources (Cephalopods, demersal fish, crustaceans)
·1,100,000 t/yr of pelagic resources
·300,000 t/yr of bivalve mollusks clams¡­
Promising opportunities:
·Acquisition and exploitation of fishing boats
·Opportunities to invest in the processing and conservation industry
·Opportunities to invest in Emerging Fisheries Development (anchovies, shellfish¡­);
·Opportunities to develop aquaculture and prawn breeding
·Infrastructure for unloading
·Industries related to fishing
·Irrigated Agriculture (Senegal River) 137.000 ha ·Favorable agro-climatic conditions
·Road infrastructure and water facilities
·Capacity for export to Europe
·Growing demand nationally, regionally ¡­
·Proximity to regional and European markets
·Favorable Trade Agreements.
Promising opportunities
·Irrigated Agriculture (Senegal River) 137.000 ha
·Farm and unity of scale, packaging and storage
·Vegetables and fruits local markets and export
·Manufacturing the cattle food
·Manufacturing and processing units
·Dates manufacturing and processing units
·Cultivation of Arabic gum.
Huge potential, the main mining resources are:
·Diversified and pure mud
·Rare earth
·Indicators of the presence of uranium and diamonds Growing sector: 50 companies; 154 mining titles; including 6 for the exploitation.
The three main companies operating in the mining sector are:
- Mauritania Copper Mine
- Taziazet Mauritania Limited.
Promising opportunities
·Exploration and exploitation of minerals
·Partnership Opportunities:
·Pellets project in the area of Awaj, it is in the process of seeking funding
·Exploitation project underground to mine iron in Tazadit
·Phosphate project in Bofal.
Oil and Gas:
·Planned development for prospecting and exploiting oil
·Intensified exploration activities in the Taoudenni basin
·Legal framework adapted to the objectives of promoting private investment
·Gas Fields
Investment opportunities:
·Exploration and exploitation of oil and gas fields
·Power plant by gas.
The National Park Of Banc D¡¯Arguin: Zone free of all pollution
·Extended on 12000 km2
·Composed of 102 small islands along the Atlantic cost
·Fascinating and ideal place for the migrating bird¡¯s reproduction and other savage and sea animals
·International destination for thousands of tourists fascinated by the desert adventure and the landscape beauty ·Consecrated as a world heritage patrimony since 1989 (UNESCO)
·The weather is generally cool and warm.
Promising opportunities:
·Construction and operation of hotels;
·Construction and operation of tourist resorts on the shores of the Atlantic.
Renewable Energy:
Number of sunny days per year: 365 days/ 12 hours a day. Wind speed: 7 meters/second in Nouadhibou.
Public-Private-Partnership (PPP)
Building a dual model wind power plant jointed to a desalination unit of sea water in Nouakchott with the capacity of 20,000 to 30,000 m3/per day. Raising the level of infrastructure for Nouadhibou refinery in everything the reception, storage and transfer, the exploitation of:
BOT two international airports in Nouakchott and Nouadhibou
BOT railway Nouakchott-Bofal-Kaedi
BOT railway Akjoujt-Choum
BOT railway Kaedi-Mali
The economic developing perspectives in Nouadhibou involve the urging needs for building the infrastructures, which constitute a wide range of opportunities for the private investors.
Promising opportunities:
·Export zone to the Europeans and Asian markets thanks to its geo-strategic position.
·Developing of the fish processing and transformation industries.
·Developing potential of the tourism, eco-tourism, cultural, fishing tourism, and business tourism.
·Increasing, producing and exporting of the Iron mines.
·A new mining port.
·Developing of gas and oil industries.
·Creation of a free zone.
·Extension of the autonomy port of Nouadihbou.
·Desalination unit of sea water
·Naval repair workshop for the entire the sub-region.
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